Saturday, August 23, 2014

I Lost 20lbs With One Neat Trick, And So Can You

Big thanks to Mica for getting me, and several other friends, on this plan. I feel great, and my clothes don't fucking fit anymore, god dammit

I made one change to my lifestyle and dropped 20 pounds in about 3 months:


That's it. That's all.

Ok, there are some details but that's the basics of it. Keep your daily caloric intake below a certain level and you WILL lose weight. I guarantee it or your money back.

I used a free program called MyFitnessPal. It's all the rage these days. Set up is simple. Put in your weight and other information and tell it how much you'd like to lose (or maintain), and it programs how many calories you're allowed to eat in a day. Then you enter what you eat, and enter any exercise you do, and it keeps track. Dead simple. Keep under your goal and you'll lose weight.

You can use exercise to up your calorie limit for the day. Right now, my limit is 2140 calories but I can easily boost that to 2500 with a 30 minute bike ride.

It can be hard at times, and you need a lot of will power. You have to really want to lose weight. This app won't brainwash you into a healthy lifestyle, it just makes attaining that healthy lifestyle a lot easier.

How? Because it shows you which shitty foods not to eat too much of.  In the end, that's how it worked for me. We all eat shitty food sometimes, but we don't have a concept of HOW shitty it is for you. Using a calorie tracking app helps you see, with concrete numbers, which foods are contributing to your daily calorie overloads, and then you can start to modify your diet as a result.
I'm trying not to make this too long-winded, so here's a bunch of pointers, in random order.

  • Exercise is a huge factor in this. If you ONLY change your diet, it could be really hard for you. I use exercise to buy myself extra calories. If I know I'm going out drinking tonight, I'll take a 40 minute bike ride and buy myself 500 calories for later use. 
  • For me the biggest offenders were bread, pasta and beer. All carb heavy. I've been cutting down on each ever since. For beer, switch to light beer and if it's a bit flavorless, add a squirt of lime juice. Tasty!
  • Eat lots of raw vegetables. Full of fiber, which fills you up. Full of vitamins too. 
  • I only counted calories, I didn't bother with daily protein or sodium or fat goals. That's not fun. However, if that's your bag you can use the app for that too. It even sends little passive aggressive reminders, like "Just so you know, that Big Mac has 1000mg of sodium and your daily limit is 1500mg"
  • If it's too much of a shock at first, I suggest maintaining instead of trying to lose weight for the first few weeks. It'll give you an idea of your eating habits, and allow you time to plan for a better diet.
  • Don't be afraid to treat yourself once in awhile, and don't panic if you go over, just don't do it a lot. Your weight loss goal is a lot lower than your weight maintenance goal, so you can buy a few more calories by electing to stay the same weight for another day.  It's important to treat yourself because the last thing you want is to grow to hate your diet. If you resent it, you're more likely to ignore it.
  • Learn to push through the hunger. Actively engage in the process when you're hungry between meals. Tell yourself that that's what burning fat feels like. It's not true, but it is at the same time. Drink a glass of water or fill up on raw vegetables between meals.
  • Find out which foods are highest in protein (to fill you up) and lowest in calories. There examples a-plenty. My favourite is a bowl of cottage cheese with some berry flavoured yogurt and a spoonful of milled flax seed. Fucking tasty, and super healthy. Here, I did the research for you
  • This fuckin' guy, who ate at McDonald's for 3 months and lost 37 pounds by monitoring his caloric intake. Just look at this picture:
This is from 3 months of McDonald's AKA molester of children's mouths

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