Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jezebel Dot Com Finally Pisses Me Off Enough To Write About It

Jezebel can be a very frustrating website to read. I browse it daily because for the most part they have decent articles that aren't just duplicates of whatever their mother site Gawker posts. However there are also quite a few overly sensitive posts (usually feminist-bent but not always) that make me facepalm in frustration. But whatever, that's the nature of the blog and I know what I'm getting into.

Today I realized how hypocritical (or at the least, grossly inconsistent in their editorial tone) they are. This article (click through to read) is basically them drooling all over a pretty murderer who killed his own father. It's not the first time they've done this sort of thing but it is the first time they got all giddy about a cold blooded murderer.

Thomas Gilbert Jr., a 30-year-old man who allegedly killed his father over a cut in his allowance, is this year's sexy criminal to beat. Murderous and frugal? Be still my heart. (Very likely to happen because this guy is a murderer, after all.)

Now to be clear, I am NOT offended by this. As you can imagine, NOTHING is off limits for me. However I'm downright fuckin' pissed at Jezebel for being such a loud voice when the victim of domestic violence is female and giving absolutely no shits that the victim is male.

I commented the following on the article page itself. No clue if they'll publish it. They've been known not to approve my comments in the past. I don't think they like being told to calm down.

My mother was brutally murdered by my older brother. I walked in and found him standing over her body, just staring. The knife was on the floor next to his feet. I called the police and he went away with them calmly. That was 12 years ago. My mother didn't deserve to die. She wasn't perfect. She drank. She yelled. But she did the best she could and she loved us.
At night, I close my eyes and see him standing over her, and I lie there for hours not being able to push the thoughts away. Sleep barely comes.
When I see you having fun at the expense of a murder victim like this, it makes my skin crawl, and it makes me want to curl up in a ball and hide forever. This is not a topic to make fun of.
Ok I made that up, but only to drive home a point:
If some other website wrote the exact same article, word for word except that the crime in question was sexual assault or domestic violence with a female victim and a beautiful male perpetrator, you guys would have been all the fuck over it, yelling and screaming as loud as the medium of Internet will allow (and maybe rightfully so), but somehow murder between father and son is OK to be all "tee hee look at the pretty killer boy"?

Imagine the headline: "Gorgeous Rapist Makes Me Rethink My Definition of the Word No"
You'd lose your shit.
Be consistent, is my point.