Thursday, September 15, 2016

A White Straight Cis Man's Opinion About [REDACTED]

(original post deleted before it was ever published)

Today I read something annoying on someone else's Facebook wall, all about ___________. I messaged a safe space friend to bitch about it (they're one of the handful of people I can say literally anything to), and when they agreed that I'm not being unreasonable I started writing a big long think piece about the annoying thing with the intention of publishing it on my blog.

Then I started wondering if it's a good idea to post my thoughts on _______, what with the general tone of things lately. I flip-flopped between playing it safe by not posting and standing my ground to speak my mind.

The frustration of not being able to state an informed opinion without being torn to shreds kept me writing.

The possibility of this blowing up in my face and affecting my musical career, even though my music and ______ are completely unrelated, kept me from posting.

The fact that deep down in my heart I know I'm being reasonable, and that I'm not being ____-ist or ____-ist kept me writing.

The knowledge that someone could screen-cap the juicy bits and show those around the internet to "prove" what a ____-ist monster I am kept me from posting.

The idea that maybe, just maybe, I could post my thoughts and then enjoy a healthy discussion about ________ kept me writing.

The frustration of knowing that my opinions will be misconstrued, regardless of how many disclaimers or detailed explanations I include to show how reasonable I am, kept me from posting.

The knowledge that I would get all sorts of hurrahs and high fives from my like-minded friends kept me writing.

The possibility that a certain number of my friends have had enough of drama and bullshit on their Facebook walls and would unfollow me as a result kept me from posting.

Then I realized that however valid my opinion on ______ is, it doesn't really matter in the big picture because I'm not directly involved in ______ and am not affected one way or the other by how it plays out. I'm just watching from the sidelines as other people annoyingly go about their business. ______ affects me exactly zero, so I decided to just leave it be.

However, I'm still frustrated. Hence, this post.

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  1. C'mon, "grow a pair" as they say. Anyone who "unfriends" you (social media is retarded anyway) over this kind of thing is a person you are better off without.