Sunday, September 14, 2014

I Have Written a Song That Might Be About Fucking a Sandwich.

I can't tell if this is stupid or amazing or both. I'm going with stupemazing.

I wrote an instrumental ditty called Double Down Boogie, about the sandwich.

Then I decided it needed words, about the sandwich.

Then I decided it needed lots of obvious sexual innuendo. Possible still about the sandwich.

"Stick it in me, big boy"
So I picked up a pen and this came out almost instantly (the parts in all caps are gang vocals):

Come on baby now come on girl

Order up and double down

Stuck between two hot hot breasts
Baby it sure feels right

Come on let's get dirty girl
It's the double down boogie tonight

Again, I have written a song that might be about fucking a sandwich. I'm a little concerned about how easily that came to me. Anyway, I'm off to KFC. And Mac's.


For condoms. I'm going to fuck the sandwich.

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