Sunday, July 12, 2015

Fuck You Store, I Win

I'm a god damned folk hero.  I frequently order a bagel with sliced cheese at Tim Hortons, which costs 80 cents extra for 2 slices of cheese. It's always been like this, I've bought like, a hundred of these over the years.  If I'm extra hungry I'll get double cheese, for 4 slices total. Sometimes I have to explain what "double order of swiss cheese" means, or correct a sandwich that only came with 2 slices. Never has there been an issue until the other day.

A Tim Hortons on Carling INSISTED that I was only supposed to get 1 slice for 80 cents. No matter how much I insisted that not to be the case, all he had to offer was "If you got this before, they were doing it wrong" and "I've seen the video, it's one slice for bagels and two slices for sandwiches". Eventually I got my 2 slices but he was NOT happy about.

So I emailed Tim Hortons when I wasn't busy arguing with lazy feminazis on Facebook. Asked them to clear up what the correct amount of cheese is.

Thank you for contacting Head Office, we appreciate hearing from our guests.  
I would love to clear this up for you! When you purchase extra cheese, you are to receive 2 slices on the following items: bagel (with cheese), classic lunch sandwiches and paninis, and all other requests for extra cheese (such as a croissant with cheese). When purchasing these following items you are only to receive one slice: breakfast sandwich, bagel B.E.L.T and crispy chicken.   
If any restaurants you visit are not following the standards, please let us know and we would be happy to follow up. 
Thanks again for reaching out, I hope you have a wonderful day!
The TDL Group Corp.
Ashleigh ,
Guest Services Representative
Toll Free: 1-888-601-1616

So fuck you Tim Hortons at 1778 Carling, I win. I ratted your cheese-skimping asses out and printed up a copy of the email should you ever try to cross me again. Bring it.

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