Monday, August 18, 2014

The word "pie" may be used euphemistically in reference to female genitalia, but it is considered silly and outdated

Abstract: The word "pie" was proposed by a second party as a proper euphemism for the word "vagina". A formal survey of the author's social network revealed that while it may be used in this context, it may be considered to be a dated reference, particularly in reference to the 1999 movie American Pie, best known for the character Stifler's Mom, portrayed by Jennifer Coolidge.

Introduction: A burlesque performance on August 16, 2014 portrayed a joke wherein, during a mathematics-themed striptease, a pair of underwear were revealed displaying the symbol π in the crotch area, denoting the Greek letter pi, and more specifically the mathematical constant popular in geometry. The performer/costume designer was confident in the audience's ability to interpret the meaning of the symbol and to infer the punchline of the joke, specifically that "pi" is a play on words with the intended word being "pie", as a euphemism for the vagina (hence the placement of the symbol on the crotch).

Upon viewing the photographic evidence, the author called into question the use of the word "pie" as a euphemism for "vagina". To be clear, the author understood the meaning of the play on words, but was dubious as to its proper use as a euphemism in this context.  

Methods: The following question was asked of the researcher's social network, specifically the forums of Twitter and Facebook: "DROP EVERYTHING AND ANSWER THIS: Is "pie" a common euphemism for vagina?" Respondents freely offered their opinions using the reply button over an 11 hour period. Data was gathered and tabulated in Microsoft Excel 2010. A total of 17 respondents offered their opinions, 4 female and 12 male and 1 transgender.

Results: 70.6% responded  positively that "pie" was an acceptable euphemism for the word vagina (Figure 1).  There was no significant correlation between gender and final answer (data not shown).  Furthermore, there was no correlation between the final answer and the social media platform upon which the data was gathered (data not shown).

Discussion: These data indicate that the majority of the population within the author's social network believe that "pie" is an appropriate euphemism for the word "vagina". However it should be noted that several (n=3) respondents indicated that the reference was outdated, leading to the conclusion that while the reference may be historically correct, the use of a more contemporary euphemism is advised. For example, Fuckingham Palace.

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